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FAST CURE - Designed to be used on low powered LCD/LED 3D printer technologies such as Anycubic Photon, Wanhao D7 or Phrozen Shuffle so you can use our model resin with fast curing times


LOW ODOR - Due to the fact that 3d printers are widely used in daily life, the resin odor is kept at the minimum level. Therefore, the Resin can easily be used in indoor conditions. Work with open window is recommended.


PERFECT BUILD PLATE ADHESION - A special additive is added into our Model Resin formulation for perfect adhesion of the printing model to the build plate. Therefore, great adhesion and less printing failure are ensured related to adhesion problem of build plate.


LOW SHRINKAGE - The formulation is designed such that the shrinkage percentage is less than 0.5%. Therefore, shrinkage or cracking issues of printed models are eliminated.


SHARP COLORS - Special pigments are designed such that the colors of the printed models look like more solid and sharp.


NO SEDIMENTATION - The pigments used have no sedimentation, meaning that they do not sink to the bottom of the resin.


HIGH RESOLUTION - The Model Resin is designed such that the highest details of the printed objects are clearly and easily observed.


HIGH SURFACE SMOOTHNESS - The use of the Model Resin enables to achieve high smooth surfaces.


NO COLOR ADJUSTMENT - All colors are designed such that they have same curing properties which allows same color adjustment settings.


EASY SANDABLE - The Model Resin is easily sandable reducing time waste before the painting.


PAINTABLE - The Model Resin can be used with all kind of paints.


EASY POST CLEANING - Cleans with IPA or Ethanol. Dip in alcohol bath and/or clean with soft brush remaning resin on the model.


POST CURE - Cure with 405 nm UV led lamps. Use of 30 W or more powered uv 405nm led lamp is suggested or keep under direct sunlight untill achieved non-stickiness

Technical Specification



Our LCD/DLP/LED resins are compatible with below listed 3D printers

  • Phrozen Shuffle
  • Phrozen Shuffle XL
  • Anycubic Photon
  • Anycubic Photon-s
  • Prusa SL-1
  • Creality 3D LD-001
  • Kelant Orbeat D100
  • Kelant Orbeat D200
  • Wanhao D7
  • Wanhao D8
  • Flyingbear Shine
  • Wow Sparkmaker
  • Monoprice MP Mini Deluxe
  • MiniQ LCD Printer
  • X-cube
  • Uniz Slash plus
  • Zortax Inkspire
  • Micromake L2
  • KLD LCD 1250,1260,1268,2150,K-200
  • YHD-101
  • Xayav Model V
  • 3D Facture Draken

and many other LCD/DLP/LED 3D printers

Our SLA/LASER resins are compatible with all laser uv light 3D printer uses fep vat system.

Our resins are NOT suitable for PDMS vats.

If you don't find your printer in the list, contact us and we will check your printer if compatibility with our products.


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