SLA resin SLA (Stereolithography) 3D printing technology is the name given to the resin printing used when 3D printing technologies began to develop. Chuck Hull, the inventor of 3D printer technology, also invented this technology and in 1986 he founded 3DSystems to spread this technology. Photopolymer resin is used as the printing material in SLA printing technology. By means of this SLA resin, it is ensured that light forms the polymers by making use of the linking of the molecular chains and thus 3d models are formed. Thanks to the lasers' ability to process with precision that allows fine workmanship and detailed models can be created with this technology. On the other hand, there is also DLP (Digital Light Projector) technology which works with logic like SLA technology and SLA resin 3d printing technology using projector as light source. The major 3d printer brands that use these technologies are 3D Systems and Formlabs. What Are the Usage Areas of SLA Resin Print? In the early years, SLA Resin 3D printing technology was mainly intended to produce medical models. Images obtained by tomography or MR were printed in detail with SLA 3d printers and used for more accurate diagnosis before surgery. In addition to this, this technology, which has been used in more and more sectors in the following years, has started to be used for hobby personal designs thanks to the 3D printers which have become widespread in recent years. What Are the Materials Used in SLA Resin 3D Printing? In SLA resin 3D printing technology, generally standard resins are preferred. For the design of moving mechanical parts, the preferred resins are ABS resins which are a more durable type of standard resin. Pourable resins are the preferred raw materials in the field of jewelry. These resins are softer and allow easy mold removal by waxing. For some model prototypes, semi-flexible resins are preferred in terms of price / performance. There are resins developed for production in dental fields and these resins are used in dentistry. What Are the Advantages of 3D printing With SLA Resin? The most important advantage of SLA resin technology is that it is faster than other technologies. Functional parts can be produced faster than other technologies. Fine details that are difficult to produce with other technologies can be produced more easily in SLA 3D printing technology. The only disadvantage of SLA technology is that the devices and the resin raw material used are expensive compared to FDM technology.

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