UV resin The main reason that resin-based 3D printing is preferred in printers is that these chemicals are processed faster than materials used in all other 3D printing technologies and can produce objects with finer resolution. This is because UV cure resin allows you to process as little details as you can focus on a light beam. Today, many companies have designed incredible resin 3D printers that provide incredibly high resolutions for printers that print competitively based on this principle. This technology is so advanced today, it is almost impossible to see the print marks with the naked eye. Therefore, these printers are adopted by many industries that require accuracy, such as jewelers and dentists, due to the increased print quality thanks to UV cure resin technology. However, it is also important to note that there are things to consider when it comes to resins. One of the issues to be considered is the safety of resins. Many resins are quite toxic and may be harmful if inhaled. These safety procedures have become even more important because they are being used in less secure environments, even in our homes, because of their cheaper prices. In the past, resin 3D printers were only used for industrial purposes, as they were expensive products. However, some resins are very safe. However, if you need to purchase UV cure resin, do not neglect to investigate thoroughly whether these products contain harmful toxicants and if they can harm our health. Another problem with resin 3D printing is curing, which is the process that solidifies the resin. Although prints are exiting the 3D printer properly, they may not remain stable after this time. This is because the resin is originally cured with UV light (typically), so the material can continue to be sensitive to UV rays. This means that your resin impression can continue to harden and crack if exposed to sunlight. The durability of resin printed objects depends on several things: How long after exposure to UV light Resin chemistry How it is processed after printing (This point is important. In a dyed resin print, dyeing may interfere with the contact of UV light with the object. Because of all this, don't think that resin 3D printing is a bad thing. The aim here is to eliminate the risk of the occurrence of possible unpleasant situations by the hobbyists who understand the risks that may arise.

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