uv cure resin Transparent UV resin is a gel-like material. The composition dries under the influence of the sun or an ultraviolet lamp. Curing time is 3-5 minutes depending on the power of the UV radiation source. It is one-component and does not require mixing with a hardener or anything else (except for additional pigments - dyes, which can be added to the resin to obtain various shades). UV cure resin’s exposure time is generally about 1 to 10 minutes and depends on the thickness of the applied layer, as well as the amount of pigment added. Unlike 2-component epoxy resins, UV cure resins do not require a long exposure to harden, provide the ability to apply sufficiently thin layers, give a very clean, transparent color and have outstanding properties in quality and hardness. With UV curing resins at hand, you can carry out creative experiments: decorate the interior with original, unique objects, create reliefs, 3D objects, complement other polymer decorations with catchy details, and model frames. Today 3D SLA printers mostly use the UV cure resins. It’s working logic lightly heat it for several minutes with its heater to make the resin more fluid. Thanks to the curing of a resin, it will provide protection from toxic damages as it does not spill in contact with food. As it is known, it is important to realize this process since it has been used extensively for personal use outside the industrial area recently. Resins may cause toxic poisoning if it is desired to be used in pure form in the suspended form. In addition to protecting against harmful chemicals, it has become more demanding and used since it makes the object to be printed more rigid. Things to pay attention Although there is no additional process to be done because the products we purchase are ready cured or the printer we buy makes curing process while printing it is necessary to pay attention to the purchase of known products and brand recognition as the curing of the cured resins will be problematic in insufficient time and may cause health problems mentioned above. Unknown resins can cause serious health problems. Make sure that the curing printer performs these operations correctly. Respiratory disorders may occur due to toxic substances that may spread to the environment. When everything is done correctly, it saves time at the time of printing, and because of the hardness levels, the areas of use are expanding day by day.

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