Xayav Model V 3D printer

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Thanks to its UV LED light source, the Xayav Model V, with a resolution of 2K ( 538 ppi ), uses a 5.5-inch LCD panel and is thus a high-speed model.

The Xayav Model V is an ideal 3D printer, especially for people who need large prints but still want a high level of detail, precision, accuracy and surface quality.

Xayav Model V 3D printer

With this printer, whether you produce engineering prototypes or bridge models, or produce action figures or artwork, MODEL V is the perfect choice for all your productions.

High print speed

Unlike laser SLA 3D printers, which are extremely slow when printing large or complex parts, the MODEL V always delivers a fast print speed, no matter how much.

As it is known, printing more than one model in classical printing devices takes more time than printing a single model, whereas printing one model on SLA devices takes the same time.

Constant Print Speed

Model V delivers up to 10 times faster printing compared to Laser SLA and allows you to get ultra-high-resolution output.

MONOCURE meets all the latest technological requirements such as rapid clear 25um layer and digital masked image output. Works with up to 99% accuracy.

DLP printers often fail in most commercial projectors due to the design, manufacture and quality of the lenses. However, laser SLA printers use a state-of-the-art technology to prevent malfunctions.

Xayav Model V 3D printer

Most normal LCD printers use a single UV LED light source, so without a mask, the light intensity remains weaker on the outside of the platform. However, MODEL V allows users to print with a digital mask and ensures that the quality remains constant throughout the printing area. In this way, it manages to reduce the irregularity of light intensity by up to 1%. Thanks to this universal mask, increased print quality will leave you no choice but to use the Model V.

Note that all printers are tested for 4 hours before selling.


  • High sensitivity
  • Acrylic UV safety cover.
  • Maximum UV protection.
  • Precise Z-axis movement.
  • Low vibration intensity
  • Elegant aluminum case with brushed surface.
  • First-class industrial power supply
  • Automatic cooling and temperature control.
  • High temperature warning
  • Automatic shutdown.
  • Durable LCD Panel
  • The high-quality LCD panel lets you print more than a thousand hours before you need a new LCD.
  • A specially made, extremely thin glass made of borosilicate glass is used to provide ultra-durable protection and excellent UV transmission.

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