X-Cube SLA 3D Printer

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X-Cube prints large enough compare to any other printers. Therefore X-Cube is so famous among 3D printers.

For larger items, the X-Cube is suitable: This model is available in three versions, which can produce items up to the size of a basketball.

Like the small cube, the large Cubes ABS and PLA also work, but they are available in 17 or 18 colors. All three devices offer the option of setting the resolution - the layer thicknesses of 0.5 millimeters, 0.25 millimeters and 0.125 millimeters are available for selection.

One, two or three colors

The Cube X, Cube X Duo, and Cube X Trio models are differentiated by their printheads: they can print in one, two, or three colors. The number of colors is at the expense of the size: The Cube X with the monochrome head prints objects up to a size of 27.5 x 27.5 x 20 centimeters. For the devices with the multi-color heads, the workpieces are narrower - in the two-color printer they are still 23 centimeters wide, in the three-color printer 18.5 centimeters.

The three X- Cube models are around 52 x 52 x 60 inches in size and weigh between 36 and 38 kilograms depending on the print head.

To use for a long life to your printer, you should do:

As with all other SLA printers, it is very inconvenient to use it under the correct sunlight. If the computer goes into sleep mode while the printer is operating, the process will be interrupted, and you will have to start the whole printing process from the beginning. Washing the printer directly with water is dangerous and may damage your printer. Wipe the area you want to clean with a liquid containing 95% alcohol.

As long as you observe the warnings here, you will have a solid 3D printer that you can use for many years.

X-Cube 3d Printer Properties

  • Plastic Jet Printing technology
  • Houses up to three print jets for multi-color and multi-material prints
  • Choice between ABS and PLA plastic, both recyclable
  • Prints objects up to 275 x 265 x 240 mm (10.75”x10.5”x9.5”)
  • EZ load print cartridge
  • Fully automated supports: peel off supports for ABS and PLA; PLA supports can also be removed using the Ultrasonic Support Removal Tank


The design is very cute and produced in vivid colors in a corner of your home, when you do not use it will look like an ornamental object.

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