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Prusa is one of the best-known RepRap 3D printers on the market. The Prusa i3 MK3 was probably one of the most replicated and improved machines in the 3D industry. After this success, Josef Prusa, creator of these 3D printers, has decided to enter a new technology with the arrival of his resin machine the Prusa SL-1, an open source machine of MSLA technology, more like DLP technology.

Prusa SL-1 3D PrintersIn recent days companies that were creating FDM technology based items have begun to join resin technologies. Such is the case of Zortrax and his Inkspire or XYZprinting, Prusa, after 5 years of development and the acquisition of the Czech company Futur 3D, managed to develop its new machine that will undoubtedly be part of our selection of 3D resin printers.

Specifications of the Prusa SL1

The Prusa SL1 has a rigid dual frame with a separate body that provides greater stability. It will have a print volume of 120 × 68 × 150 mm. The 3D printer will use the MSLA printing technology (based on LCD curing) that Prusa mentions that it is more accurate than the DLP process, since it avoids the latter's distortion problem. It has a 5.5 ″ high resolution LCD screen. The SL1 can reach a minimum layer height of 0.01 mm, although the brand recommends keeping between 0.025mm and 0.1mm. The printer is open to third-party resin and it would take approximately 6 seconds to cure one layer to go on to print the next one.

Prusa SL-1 3D Printers

Speaking of the resin tank, it is one of the main features of this printer. It has a removable tank with a transparent FEP film on the bottom. Just below is the LCD screen (cooled to improve its life) and ultraviolet light. The Prusa SL1 will also be sold with an optional accessory: it has curing station, a washing and curing machine to facilitate the post-processing of the parts.

Prusa SL-1 3D Printers

The Prusa i3 MK3 was an important step forward in terms of reliability and ease of use, once upon a time,  thanks to its many intelligent sensors and functions, and now the SL1 is the new game changer of the market. You can find smart features, security mechanisms, detailed manuals, 24/7 live support, perfectly described functions, easy maintenance and cheap spare parts. things that are not normally found in cheap Chinese 3D printers.

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