Creality3D LD-001 LCD Light Curing 3D Printer

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CREALITY 3D is a 3D Printer manufacturer focusing on researching and developing new technologies to develop new products all around the world. With an annual production of 200,000 units, Creality 3d is also a Chinese company offering professional customization services. Famous for its Ender, this Chinese brand also manufactures resin DLP printers, like this Creality LD-003, a surprise.

Creality3D LD-001 LCD Light Curing 3D Printer

Creality's good reputation with its low-cost domestic FDM printers has no echo in its family of resin printers, the LD-001. LD-003 and this LD-003.

The surprise comes when you enter the brand's website in China. where you can find its filament Ender, and this family of resin printers, and even a 3D scanner!

The Creality LD-003, a DLP LCD LED with an 8.9 ″ screen, looks great, but of course, until you try it and see its cons, everything is very beautiful.

Creality3D LD-001 LCD Light Curing 3D Printer

Technically it seems something just because, despite having a metal chassis and a large print volume of 230 x 192 x 120 mm, which place it above the Uniz Slash +, already large, the king axis that moves the platform Print does not seem too solid.

The light source under the resin cuvette is a LED matrix of UV -405- light, with a parallel beam that will avoid distortions.

Does The Creality LD-003 worth to buy?

The tray incorporates its own movement system, to facilitate the detachment of the piece from the impression tray, although its printing speed is not commented - it should be around 200 mm / h at 100 microns.

The resolution does not seem to be theirs because their best layer height on the Z axis is 50 microns, too, since all DLPs are offering between 10 and 20 microns.

Creality3D LD-001 LCD Light Curing 3D Printer

Nothing is said about the XY resolution, but it would be around 100 microns surely, so it is very inaccurate.

It has connectivity via Wi-Fi, USB, ethernet and 3.5” LCD touch screen. In addition, it can be controlled through an app on your smartphone.

As slicer incorporates the 3D Creator from which you can control the entire process.

As a Result

Creality stresses that each printer will undergo serious debugging and testing before being shipped. Creality, a model made in China, seems to be using some old technology, but it is still a preferred model for personal users who do not have much expectations for price.

If you have no reason to buy newer products, you can obtain Creality and meet your needs easily.

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