3D Facture Draken Laser SLA 3D Printer

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Established in 2013 with the mission of making a printer superior to all the 3D printers available on the market, Fracture started a Kickstarter project and said they intend to produce a product called 3D Fracture Draken.

Working for this project for more than two years, the company, together with many of its talented engineers and designers, is aiming to find solutions to most problems with 3D printers.

They asked “Why would it take so long to print your design? Aren't you tired of waiting so long?” and then they continue to look for volunteers for the project.

Fracture asks users about many more questions: “Don't you be disappointed that low-quality 3D printers are not capable of realizing the true beauty of your designs? Aren't you frustrated that your 3D printer can't print at a large enough size? Don't you think you deserve to have an affordable, high-resolution, fast 3D printer on your desktop?”

3D Facture Draken

After asking all these questions, they answer themselves again: “We created the best printer, Draken.”

This company believes in making SLA technology available to everyone and has started production at the end of the Kickstarter project. Now everyone can have a 3D printer that uses SLA technology at a low cost.

They managed to reduce the costs as much as possible by taking control of the entire 3D printer production process.

Comparison with stereolithography (SLA) competitors

Thanks to the engineering team's focus on developing a passive peeling technique that reduces the adhesion strength and increases the printing speed in each layer separation, the company achieved a different approach and effective cost reduction and was able to separate from its competitors technologically.

Like other SLA 3D printer manufacturers who chose to produce their own materials, Fracture3D produced its own SLA resins.

3D Facture did not necessarily require the use of its own resin in a bigotry, but reportedly supported all other resins. “Draken supports all third-party resins”

Various stable resins were tested for Draken. MakerJuice, MadeSolid, FTD and even Formlabs resin work seamlessly with Draken. But it makes more sense to choose your own resins for a cheap solution.

Draken is capable of producing prints up to 8.66 ”height with 3.86” x 7.09 ”construction base at 90 micron XYZ resolution, which is 37 microns in the X-Y axis and 10 microns in the Z-axis resolution properties. These measurements show that Draken has managed to print the largest and longest among other personal SLA printers available.

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